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 Personal Details





Mr. Praveen Kumar Sreenivasan



Date of birth





Permanent address     


Bangalore, India










  Mobile Phone - 0091-9845943858  


Residence Phone






Graduate in � Bachelor  Of Business Management �.          


Language known


English, Hindi,  Kannada, Tamil, Telugu.


Credentials / Qualifications




-      USPTR (United States Professional Tennis Registry) year 2001, New Delhi .


-      ITF (International Tennis Federation) Level-2, appeared year 2002, New Delhi .


-      AITA (All  India Tennis Association) Level-1, year 2000, Pune.



-     Yoga instructor course from SVYASA (Swami Vivekananda Yoga Anusandhana Samasthana)  year 2004, Bangalore .



-      Bachelor of Business Management year 2004, Bangalore .



-      Acupressure Therapy course attended year 2002, Mumbai .


       -        ITF (International Tennis Federation )Wheel Chair Tennis.



Coaching Experience



    -     Presently, Junior development coach for "Mission 2018",                 Foundation for Indian Sporting talent (FIST) Bangalore.        






  -    2005-2008, Program leader for progressive tennis at                    International Schools (TISB, BIS) in Bangalore.                   






-      June 2003,Preparing the ITF World ranked  and National players for the International Ranking Tournaments (ITF) camp conducted at the State Association of Karnataka.


-      December 1999-2002, National Coach at the State Tennis Association  Maharashtra where I trained and consequently produced 3 National champions & 1 Finalist, and a number of state champions.


-       August 2002-03, Head Coach designing Tennis / Physical Training programme for all age groups at the Match Point Tennis Academy (Dubai) .


-      1998-1999, Team Head Coach for the THC Hanau Club( Germany).


-      1997-1998,  Coach at the Berliner Slitschuh Club (Germany).




Coaching  Achievements (Players Profile)




-     Rohan Gajjar- Represented southern Asian Team in Brunei, won  National championship and an ITF title ,was ranked top 100 in the world.


-      Isha Lakhani- Represented India at World Junior & ITF South Asian Championship,   2 times National champion

-       Sonal Phadke- Participated at Wimbledon & Australian open, represented India at Juniors and Ladies, won 1 WTA ladies & ITF World ranking singles titles.

-      Megha Vakharia- Represented India at Common Wealth Games at Edinburgh(Scotland),world youth cup (Jakarta),won 2 WTA and 3 ITF junior single world ranking title�s.

-      Aditya Madkekar- National Junior Finalist


Personal Skills


       -         Designing physical training programs for Top National Ranked /  International     ranked /  State Ranked Players / and other ameatuer  of all ages ,which includes Training in Speed / Mind Body Co-ordination / Mental Positive Thinking / weight�s / Aerobic / Yoga / Athletic / Stretching , hereby to excel in increasing individual efficiency and to become consistent Tournament / Match Winners.


-      Teaching Expatriates from different countries at 2 International schools in Bangalore.

-      Trained players from different Indian regions in their native languages.

-      Interact and speak in 5 Indian languages Tamil, Kannada, Telugu, Hindi, English.


-      Certified yoga Instructor from SVYASA( swami vivekanada yoga anusandhana samasthana .

-         Guiding and providing tips to parents,  players, other senior citizens to bring in habits using the yoga method in reducing the  Mental tensions and de-stressing in their daily lives.   


Personal Tennis Achievements



-      ATP World ranked  Singles and Doubles.



-      National ranking Singles-9, Doubles-13.



-     Air-India sponsorship (flying company) given  air tickets for all my International travel on the basis of my National and International achievements.


-      Represented the League for Hanau Tennis Club at no.1 position       ( Germany).

-      Represented the League for Berliner Schlitschuh Club (Germany).

-      Represented Karnataka State at no.1 position in National Games and Inter �state National Tennis championships in the category Men�s / Juniors/ sub-juniors.

-   Won many  Individual State Championships in Karnataka, Individual ranking No 1 & 2   in Mens / Juniors / Sub-Juniors categories.

Professional Developments


-       12th Asian Technical International Tennis Work shop , year 2004, Dubai.



-       11th Asian Technical International Tennis Work shop, year 2002, New Delhi .



-       1st National Tennis Work shop, year 2002, Agra.


-       2nd National Tennis Work shop, year 2003, Bangalore.

-       ITF (International Tennis Federation )Wheel Chair Tennis Work Shop


-       Yoga Instructor Course, year 2004, Bangalore.





-      Mr. Ramesh Krishnan (former ATP top 50 ranked, Former Davis Cup player/ Davis cup Coach .Currently providing help to the current generation top players of the country at the KTC (Krishnan tennis center) ph-0091-44-249334692 .



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